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A Catholic Transsexual Speaks

Only my second post and I am just a little off topic. I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for Conscience magazine a publication of Catholics for Choice.
It came about from serving on a strategy group for the Arcus Foundation that seeks to build a pro-LGBT movement within the Catholic church. The strategy is formed now and grants are being considered for non-profits who can join us in this mission.
To Be or Not To Be: A Catholic Transsexual Speaks (download)
Is part of a series of articles on how the institutional catholic church affects many marginalized people today. The Catholic bishops have been very active opponents of LGBT equality of late but a majority of lay Catholics (exercising their conscience) have no moral objection to homosexuality despite the teachings of the institutional church according to a Pew Research Center survey.

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Speaking at GWU

In the TS community, the Department of Speech and Hearing at George Washington University is well known for their vocal training for transsexuals. On Monday October 18th I’ll be speaking to their clinicians about TogetherStyle’s unique service that has already helped one of their clients. They believe that image consulting can help their clients in ways that they don’t and hope to be able to refer people to me. I’ll be talking about my background in the theatrical and design fields that qualify me for this service and about the progress of their client through my consultative  process that took place this summer.

If you are in the transgender program at GWU please let me know and (our readers) what the program has done for you. I transitioned before coming to the area and got my vocal training on the west coast.


Image Analysis
Everybody’s path and needs are different. Your first session is a detailed assessment of just what your goals and needs are. I don’t try to fit people into a stereotype or look. I look at your unique gifts and challenges to chart a course to the style and quality you want to achieve. It’s all about improving your self-esteem and surrounding you with fashion that shows who you really are in the best light possible. I have always been blessed to see the best in people and it is my gift to bring it out for all to see.

Fashion Styling
Working from your body and coloring I can review your wardrobe and coordinate and plan restyling. Creating shopping ‘rules’ and color palettes for you to keep, and live by. Personal shopping services, or hosted shopping events are a practical way I assure that you are getting valuable investments in coordinated, classy, right for your body fashions.

Beauty Analysis
As a color expert I evaluate, teach and refer you to experts in skin care, makeup, hairstyle, diet, fitness. Supporting you in developing a regimen that works for you.

Behavioral Coaching
Evaluating and developing your feminine voice, grammar, and vocabulary. Coaching your body language, walk, posture, and poise as a woman. Etiquette, social graces, and dinning supported in a positive and caring environment. Your together style is more than just a look. Its about a complete expression of your feminine self in public.

Public Speaking and Writing
With my poise and positive, caring communication I am able to represent our community on religious and political topics and welcome opportunities to educate and  persuade on behalf of transgender people.

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