A Roman Catholic apostolate to support the dignity and inclusion of transgender laity.

In this article for Conscience Magazine a publication of Catholics for Choice https://transcatholicorg.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/to-be-or-not-to-be-a-catholic-transexual-speaks-out/
I proposed that the Catholic Church didn’t understand the transgender experience. The church has no official teaching on the subject and that the mistreatment of transgender people is due to existing cultural ‘norms’. It has inspired others in our faith to more research and authorship.
I now have a unauthorized translation of the original Latin document that the sub secretum letter to the bishops was based on. It is clear from this document from 1997 was based on the most conservative thought by the medical community of the time. It’s only purpose was to protect the all male hierarchy in a time of doubt about gender. It specifically makes no judgement about the morality of gender change. Much has changed about how we understand gender identity in the past 16 years in society and in the medical community.

There may come a day when the church has a position on gender identity and until then I will simply appreciate the great support that many of us feel from local parishes and hope that god guides future church leaders to a better understanding of the spiritual journey that is the transgender experience.


Comments on: "Transexual sub secretum letter to the bishops" (2)

  1. BCSWowbagger said:

    Hi there. I’ve pursued a copy of the sub secretum document for YEARS. If you have it, or any related documents, in English OR Latin… I’d be very grateful to be able to be given access to them. (I’d actually prefer Latin, so I can do my own translation.)

    • TogetherStyle said:

      I do not have a copy of the sub secretum letter but I do have an unauthorized translation of the only public Vatican document concerning transexuals from 1997 that the letter was based on.
      Readers here may comment on whether or not I should publish it.

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