A Roman Catholic apostolate to support the dignity and inclusion of transgender laity.

There is a lot to cover here and really just about nobody writing about it. Let’s hope this undergrad can stay in school through her doctorate so she has time to get to all of it.

Catholic Trans*

During the next few weeks, if I can find time or shirk duties enough, I’m going to be writing (and hopefully publishing) an Easter series of posts on christian/Catholic Resurrection theology from a transgender perspective. The series will come in parts.

Ressurection Theology for the Severely Transsexed:

1. The Heavenly Dysphoria – on how we yearn for something more, for we are not complete and the world is fallen.

2. The Glorified Wounds – on how our very woundings (read: transgender condition) is our glory, and is what we will bear as a badge in heaven

3. The Seed and the Tree: Scripture and the Heavenly Metamorphosis – how our current body is only the seed of our body to come. About the unknown metamorphosis awaiting us in heaven.

4. Sex in Heaven: Jesus Christ and the Sexes – about how sex in heaven is a mystery, and so is…

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