A Roman Catholic apostolate to support the dignity and inclusion of transgender laity.

To understand the reality behind the click-bait headlines you need to read this by someone who clearly understands transgender and catholic reality.

Catholic Trans*

A simple google search for “Pope Francis transgender” would lead anyone to believe that the pontiff hates transgender people with a passion. CBS ran an article called Pope Francis Compares Transgender People To Nuclear Weapons In New Book; The Independent titles their take: Pope Francis compares arguments for transgender rights to nuclear arms race; and the catholicozarks blog calls it Gender Theory – the new Nazism. The way the media spins it – whether via liberal outrage or conservative triumphalism – you’d think transgender people are the newest incarnation of hell itself.

However, as is often (perhaps too often) the case, the media coverage relies on soundbytes and false juxtapositions (like sneaking in a photo of trans* activist Laverne Cox under a quote about gender theory) with no mind for context or audience. I find it amusing how desperate the liberal wings of the media are to make…

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