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A Catholic Transsexual Applauds Several Points in Latest Papal Remarks

Here is the in depth view of the Pope’s text I wish I had time to write: Transsexuality is not the same as gender theory: support transsexuals, question gender theory

pwy ydy’r psyop nawr?

“I happen to believe that you can’t study men;

you can only get to know them.”

C. S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

[Editorial note: if tl;dr, please scroll to the section Five Important Implications for Transsexuals Arising From Pope Francis’s Remarks: the primary argument of this longish essay.

The first half, which I sincerely feel is an important preamble, addresses the current gaps and problems in how transsexuality is observed in mainstream Catholic opinion pieces. Thank you for reading: I understand the intense emotions this subject evokes.]


The First of October! Weather, golden. Contrition of withered leaves cross-hatched with burnished bronze sunlight. Easily my favourite season. Favourite month even. Starting off with my favourite saint’s Feast Day!

Last Saturday morning, typing on my blog (which is a pasture of rambly reflections) the inkling urge had itched its way from idea to draft. For the first time in ages…

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