A Roman Catholic apostolate to support the dignity and inclusion of transgender laity.

In a facebook post Fr. James Martin said

“Dear friends: In my opinion (and I’m no expert here), what the church may need to do most with transgender people is this: Love them and listen to them. The church and the world are, in large part, still coming to know transgender people, and there is still much we don’t know about their experiences. For example, a few months ago, I posed a question to two separate psychologists, who have had experience working with transgender individuals. I said, “What do you think lies behind the increased incidence of transgenderism these days? Is it that it’s more publicly acceptable, or is the increased media attention, in a sense, pushing youth to identify as such?” They both said “I have no idea.” (And of course neither do I.) In other words, if even some psychologists aren’t sure about this highly complex phenomenon, then the church should be cautious about making statements without first listening to the experience of transgender people. So what can we do? First, have humility and admit that we still need to learn more about this phenomenon. Second, ask questions of transgender people: What is your experience? How have you suffered? Who is God for you? Finally, remember that the Holy Spirit is at work in these people who trying to find their way in the world. So love them. And listen to them.”

And provided a link to this New Ways Ministry Post


We at TransCatholic are greatly heartened to see this bridge building by Fr. James Martin to the transgender community. His statement opposing the Bishops’ letter shows humility and love that befits true Christians. This is one of the few times that you might actually want to read the comments. While there are some haters, there are many supportive comments from religious people and that feels really good.


Comments on: "Fr. James Martin, SJ responds to the Bishops’ letter" (1)

  1. humandignity8 said:

    My suggestion is that Fr Martin should ask transgender people themselves. I have and the response I was given is that now they feel safer coming out to themselves and the world at large. There have always been transgender people, just like there have always been heterosexual people, gay people, gender fluid people, aromantic people and so forth. The world hasn’t changed, we’re just learning more about it, and we should encourage and welcome with love every person in it.

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