A Roman Catholic apostolate to support the dignity and inclusion of transgender laity.


Some of us faithful transgender catholics are exploring setting up an organization to support the full dignity and inclusion of people of all genders in the Roman Catholic Church. If you want to be part of the formation of this organization. Please contact Hilary@TransCatholic.org

For now you can consider this site to be under construction


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  1. Being transgender is a charism. Plain and simple. Since we trans folk are such a tiny minority, however, we are easy to dismiss or demonize, both of which the “official” church is trying to do. No matter that we can be found in every society, in every culture and throughout history, we are just the latest to be noticed by the intolerant majority and to feel the lash of its intemperate and intolerant rhetoric. The pernicious lies being spread by “Lifeteen.com” and others and their hateful, hurtful messages filled with half-truths and misinformation further muddy the waters. They speak from ignorance of the half-century of solid scientific research into transgenderism; the pride they take in their ignorance is breathtaking. But God calls us all to holiness and knows each of us by name, “in your mother’s womb, I formed you,” also means your precise DNA encoded for you to be a transgender person with a transgender brain.

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