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Togetherstyle goes Not-for-Profit

I have to admit that I started this place when I was out of work and looking for any avenue to add income to to my freelance life. Since then, I have become both fully employed in my creative field and deeply involved in non-profits as a political and religious activist. Togetherstyle has always been about the empowerment of transgender women though image consultation for greater success in this increasingly visual world. So today I want to make it clear that for individuals I provide image consulting on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay and for free to those who are working as activists for gender rights. I believe that our community is best represented by people with confidence and professionalism in their presentation and personal branding.

If I can be of service, please let me know.

Otherwise this will also be a place where I will keep you posted on my involvement in gender social rights and transgender spiritual well being.



Image Analysis
Everybody’s path and needs are different. Your first session is a detailed assessment of just what your goals and needs are. I don’t try to fit people into a stereotype or look. I look at your unique gifts and challenges to chart a course to the style and quality you want to achieve. It’s all about improving your self-esteem and surrounding you with fashion that shows who you really are in the best light possible. I have always been blessed to see the best in people and it is my gift to bring it out for all to see.

Fashion Styling
Working from your body and coloring I can review your wardrobe and coordinate and plan restyling. Creating shopping ‘rules’ and color palettes for you to keep, and live by. Personal shopping services, or hosted shopping events are a practical way I assure that you are getting valuable investments in coordinated, classy, right for your body fashions.

Beauty Analysis
As a color expert I evaluate, teach and refer you to experts in skin care, makeup, hairstyle, diet, fitness. Supporting you in developing a regimen that works for you.

Behavioral Coaching
Evaluating and developing your feminine voice, grammar, and vocabulary. Coaching your body language, walk, posture, and poise as a woman. Etiquette, social graces, and dinning supported in a positive and caring environment. Your together style is more than just a look. Its about a complete expression of your feminine self in public.

Public Speaking and Writing
With my poise and positive, caring communication I am able to represent our community on religious and political topics and welcome opportunities to educate and  persuade on behalf of transgender people.

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